Unleash the Potential of AI-Powered Conversations

Brainstormer is an innovative platform that allows you to create, train, and interact with AI-powered conversational bots. It’s designed to empower individuals and businesses to build engaging and personalized conversational experiences with their audience.

Unlock the Potential of Brainstormer

Easy Bot Creation

Build AI-powered bots without coding or technical skills.


Tailor your bots' personalities, skills, and knowledge to create unique conversational experiences.

Seamless Integration

Connect your bots with popular conversational platforms for widespread distribution.


Explore opportunities to monetize your bots and expertise.

Meet your future AI Assistants

Personal Growth

Bots for mindfulness, fitness, and self-reflection.

Parenting and Family

AI bots specially designed to provide assistance with everyday parenting challenges and offer guidance on nutritious eating.


Business and Career

Bots assisting with business planning, career strategy, and professional growth.

Learning and Development

Bots for general knowledge, writing, and language learning.

Emotional Support

Bots providing emotional assistance and support.

Real Estate

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Brainstormer helps you engage with AI, StormStudio helps you build with AI

Our web based, no code platform, StormStudio, is designed to enable creators to build AI bots informed by their knowledge and perspective. Build your bots on StormStudio and integrate them wherever your community already is including Slack, Teams, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

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We will be releasing access on a case by case basis to creators and organisations as we refine and prepare our product for a general public release and look forward to having you on board as soon as possible.

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